Table 5

Distribution of major prognostic variables in patients by classification system of confirmed myocardial infarction

Frequency of prognostic variable by classification system for confirmed MI (%)
Prognostic variablesOriginal NHAR group (n=723)Amended NHAR group (n=1224)MONICA (n=1051)UKHAS (n=807)
*p < 0.05 between frequency of variable in that classification and frequency in at least one alternative classification.
CI, confidence interval; NHAR, Nottingham heart attack register; MI, myocardial infarction; MONICA, monitoring trends and determinants in cardiovascular disease study; OXMIS, Oxford myocardial infarction study; UKHAS, United Kingdom heart attack study.
Median age (years) 676868 67
Past history of MI19.9*24.5*24.3* 22.2
Heart failure on presentation10.7*10.3* 9.8 8.3*
Male sex61.0*62.3*62.4* 65.7*
Abnormal ECG98.6*95.3*96.6* 95.5*
Abnormal cardiac enzymes89.6*83.6*91.8*100*
Diuretic use at discharge26.1*31.5*29.9* 28.0*
Aspirin use at discharge65.0*65.2*67.9 69.8*
β Blocker use at discharge30.8*31.933.1 34.7*