Table 2

Outcome measures in the perindopril and placebo groups

Perindopril (n=31)Placebo (n=35)
InitialFinalChangeInitialFinalChange95% CIp Value
Data are mean unless otherwise stated.
* Lower score indicates improvement in symptoms; †higher score indicates improvement in symptoms (no significant difference in any of the eight dimension scores; data not shown); ‡median scores (note that median difference is not the same as the difference in medians).
CANTAB, Cambridge neuropsychological test automated battery; CI, confidence interval; LIhFE, Minnesota living with heart failure; SDMTS, simultaneous and delayed match to sample; SF-36, 36 item short form.
Primary outcome measure
    Mean 6 minute walk distance (m)274.8311.937.1277.3277.0−0.317 to 57<0.001
Secondary outcome measures
    Quality of life questionnaires
        Total LIhFE score*29.724.3−5.429.024.2−4.8−6.5 to 5.20.82
        Total SF-36 score†91.999.27.394.799.44.7−4.9 to 10.30.49
    CANTAB (cognitive assessment)
        Motor screening time‡ (ms)1013947−1391031999−40−178 to 110.08
        Reaction time‡ (ms)10131083−3811961179−55−73 to 900.90
        Pattern recognition (% correct)727537472−20 to 110.05
        SDMTS‡ (% correct)69723.464.569.56.7−6 to 100.57
        Spatial span (number correct) to 0.80.08