Table 1

Presence of coronary artery disease (in the 99/136 cases under 75 years with angiographic information available) in patients allocated by the case definition panel before study angiography to coronary artery disease (CAD), other aetiologies, or no aetiology. Reproduced from Fox et al3 with permission

Aetiology allocated by panel before angiographyNormal or minor CADSignificant CAD (≥50% stenosis in an epicardial artery)Cases who underwent revascularisation before study entry
*One case who gave a history of myocardial infarction but no evidence of regional wall motion abnormality on ventriculography and only minor CAD found at catheterisation, and one case with clinical evidence of a myocardial infarction but anatomically non-significant CAD.
† Heart failure caused by valve disease—that is, non-aetiological CAD.
CAD (n=42)2* (5%)21 (50%)19 (45%)
Other defined aetiologies (n=30)14 (47%)14 (47%)2† (7%)
Aetiology undetermined by case definition panel (n=27)17 (63%)10 (37%) 0 (0%)
All cases (n=99)33 (33%)45 (45%)21 (21%)