Table 7.2

Summary of major facilities needed for an average sized tertiary centre. Outpatient facilities are summarised in table 7.1

3–4General cardiac catheter laboratories (5 if a paediatric cardiology service is also provided).
Sufficient daycare beds to provide for the caseload of the catheterisation laboratory. This number must be sufficient to allow for over 90% of catheter lab procedures being done as day cases.
1Dedicated electrophysiological catheter laboratory
10Dedicated cardiac ITU beds per 1000 cardiopulmonary bypass operations per year. Additional and separate services needed if there is paediatric surgery
10High care surgical beds per 1000 adult cardiopulmonary bypass cases
6–8High care cardiology beds other than ITU and CCU beds
8Cardiology ward (overnight) beds per 1000 cardiac catheterisations (over and above day care beds)
15Cardiology ward beds for patients not undergoing investigation and intervention (e.g. infective endocarditis, heart failure, type B dissection, etc)
Additional beds
  • Patients awaiting urgent surgery and who cannot be discharged in the meantime

  • Adult congenital heart disease services

  • To fulfil the tertiary centre’s role as DGH for its local population (see section 6)