Table 1

Comparison of different radionuclide agents currently in routine clinical use for myocardial perfusion imaging

RadionuclideHalf lifeActivity administeredEffective doseMechanism of myocardial uptakeRedistributionComments
Mbq, megabecquerel; mSv, millisievert; PET, positron emission tomography.
201Tl72 hours60–80 MBq15–20 mSvATPase-K+ myocyte cell membrane integrity requiredRedistributesPoor quality images; difficult to gate. Prognostic data available; redistribution advantageous for viability detection
99mTc-sestamibi6 hours800 MBq8 mSvMyocyte mitochondriaMinimalVersatile agent; increasing use; viability detection validated against 201Tl, dobutamine stress echocardiography, and PET
99mTc-tetrofosmin6 hours800 MBq8 mSvNot knownNilPoorer extraction with vasodilator stress; underestimates ischaemic burden; improved extracardiac clearance suggested