Table 2

The value of a normal myocardial perfusion scan

AuthorRadionuclideStressNumber of patientsFollow up (mean (SD))Cardiac event rate
Hard cardiac event rate with various radionuclide agents and stressors.
MIBI, technetium-99m sestamibi; TETRO, technetium-99m tetrofosmin.
Wackers 198551Tl-201Exercise34422 (3) months1
Wahl 198513Tl-201Exercise45514 months0.8
Steinberg 199352Tl-201Exercise30910.3 years1
Brown 199453MIBIExercise or dipyridamole23410 (3) months0.5
Stratmann 199454MIBIExercise20513 (5) months0.5
Raiker 199455MIBIExercise20813.5 (2.0) months0.5
Heller 199556MIBIDipyridamole21612.8 (6.8) months1.4
Hachamovitch 199615MIBI/Tl-201Exercise1623566 (142) days0.3
Hachamovitch 19978MIBI/Tl-201Adenosine44527.5 (9.1) months1.6
Soman 199917MIBIExercise47330 (16) months0.2
Groutas 200057TETRO/Tl-201Exercise / adenosine+exercise24625 (3) months0.4