Table 2

Risk categories according to the SPAF III and AFI data and their relation to the presence of a thrombogenic milieu

CategoryClassification criterianp Value
*The AFI analysed patients aged 65 to 75 years and patients >75 years separately.
AFI, atrial fibrillation investigators; SPAF, stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation.
SPAF III, high riskWomen >75 years or age >75 years with arterial hypertension or systolic blood pressure >160 mm Hg at the time of admission22 0.025
SPAF III, moderate riskAge ≤75 years and a history of hypertension or a history of diabetes mellitus173 0.036
AFIAge <65 years, no clinical risk factors46 0.29
AFIAge <65 years + clinical risk factors121 0.014
AFIAge ≥65 years*, no clinical risk factors20 0.04
AFIAge ≥65 years* + clinical risk factors114<0.0001