Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the patients

PatientAge at repeat Fontan (years)DiagnosisAge at initial Fontan (years)Type of initial FontanYears from last FontanNYHA classType of arrhythmiaOnset of arrhythmia (years after Fontan)
Af, atrial fibrillation; AF, atrial flutter; AT, atrial tachycardia; DILV, double inlet left ventricle; NA, not applicable; NYHA, New York Heart Association; SSS, sick sinus syndrome; TA, tricuspid atresia.
118DILV 4Direct atriopulmonary14IIAF13
218TA 3.5Direct atriopulmonary14.5IIAT10
312TA 2.5Direct atriopulmonary 9.5IIIAT 1
425TA21Homograft No 2118IINoneNA
536DILV22Direct atriopulmonary14IIAF13
624TA 7.5Direct atriopulmonary17IIAT13
715DILV 3.2Direct atriopulmonary12IIAT 3
823TA 5Pericardium roofed18IIIAT16
917TA 3.5Direct atriopulmonary13IIAf13
1021TA 4Direct atriopulmonary17IIIAF 2
1125TA 5.5Dacron roofed20IIIAT, SSS 1