Table 2

Haemodynamic data

PatientCVP (mm Hg)AtriomegalyIncompetence of atrioventricular valveEF (%)Associated problems
CS, coronary sinus; CVP, central venous pressure; EF, ejection fraction; LSVC, left superior vena cava; MAPCAs, aortopulmonary collaterals.
18ModerateModerate to severe30Slow systemic venous flow, incompetent pulmonary stump
210ModerateModerate50MAPCAs, slow systemic venous flow
315SevereNone50Slow systemic venous flow
420ModerateNone50Calcified obstructed conduit, venous collaterals
57ModerateModerate50Slow systemic venous flow, aortic incompetence, MAPCAs
68SevereMild to moderate>50Slow systemic venous flow
712ModerateNone>50Slow systemic venous flow, aneurism of the outflow chamber
88ModerateNone>50LSVC to CS, severe dilatation of CS, slow systemic venous flow
912SevereNone<50Slow systemic venous flow
1018SevereMild to moderate50Slow systemic venous flow
1116ModerateSevere30Slow systemic venous flow, venous collaterals