Table 2

Characteristics of prehospital and in-hospital treated patients, excluding cases of unjustified fibrinolysis

Prehospital thrombolysis (n=468)In-hospital thrombolysis (n=264)p Value
TIMI, thrombolysis in myocardial infarction.
Mean age (years)6362NS
Men322 (69%)190 (72%)NS
Median time to treatment (minutes)97153<0.05
Mean time to treatment (minutes)128183NS
Maximum time to treatment (minutes)305353NS
Risk factors
    Hypertension134/459 (29.2%)64/261 (24.2%)NS
    Prior myocardial infarction73/467 (15.6%)29/264 (11.0%)NS
    Prior angina174/451 (38.6%)105/262 (40.1%)NS
    Current smoker234/438 (53.4%)136/261 (52.1%)NS
    Diabetes41/459 (8.9%)29/261 (11.1%)NS
    Mean heart rate (beats/min)7576NS
    Mean systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)128132NS
    Mean TIMI risk score2.82.50.05
    Killip class II–IV65 (14%)15 (6%)<0.01
Infarct location
    Anterior201 (42.9%)117 (44.3%)NS
    Inferior135 (28.8%)78 (29.5%)NS
    Inferior + right ventricle105 (22.4%)60 (22.7%)NS
    Other27 (5.8%)9 (3.4%)NS
Mean sum of ST elevation on ECG (mV)1.71.5NS
Abortion of myocardial infarction80 (17.1%)12 (4.5%)<0.05