Table 4

Characteristics of all patients with a diagnosis of aborted myocardial infarction compared with established myocardial infarction

Aborted MI prehospital + in-hospitalEstablished MI prehospital + in-hospitalp Value
MI, myocardial infarction.
Number92 (12.3%)640 (87.4%)
Mean age (years)62.062.7NS
Men63 (68.5%)449 (70.2%)NS
Median time to treatment (minutes)861230.05
Mean time to treatment (minutes)123149NS
Maximum time to treatment (minutes)305353NS
Risk factors
    Hypertension28/92 (31.1%)170/628 (27.0%)NS
    Prior myocardial infarction12/92 (13.0%)90/639 (14.1%)NS
    Prior angina44/88 (50.0%)235/625 (37.6%)<0.05
    Current smoker43/87 (49.4%)327/612 (53.4%)NS
    Diabetes9/92 (10.0%)61/638 (9.6%)NS
    Mean heart rate (beats/min)75.374.9NS
    Mean systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)131129NS
    Mean TIMI risk score2.72.8NS
    Killip class II–IV7 (7.6%)73 (11.4%)NS
Infarct location
    Anterior46 (50.0%)274 (42.8%)NS
    Inferior33 (35.9%)178 (27.8%)NS
    Inferior + right ventricle9 (10.0%)156 (24.4%)NS
    Other4 (4.4%)32 (5.0%)NS
Mean sum of ST deviation on ECG (mm)14.319.6<0.05
Mean sum of ST elevation on ECG (mV)12.017.5<0.05
Mortality at 30 days1 (1.0%)59 (9.2%)<0.01
Mortality at 12 months2 (2.2%)74 (11.6%)<0.01