Table 2

Total energy expenditure of physical activity during leisure time and all cause and selected cause specific mortality during 10 years of follow up

All causeCardiovascular diseaseCoronary heart diseaseCancer
Total AI (kcal/day)Person yearsNumberRate*NumberRate*NumberRate*NumberRate*
*The crude mortality rates (1/1000 person years).
†Deaths caused by congenital anomalies and injuries and poisonings were censored at date of death (7 cases, 3% of all deaths).
‡p Value for trend from Cox proportional hazards model with total activity metabolic index (expressed as kcal/day) as an ordered variable from the lowest tertile to the highest tertile.
§AI data missing for three deaths, one of three deaths caused by cancer.
1 (0–161.8)6804.69714.3476.9365.3314.6
2 (161.9–395.5)6954.87110.2355.0263.7294.2
3 (395.6–2747.2)6943.77410.7294.2202.9375.3
Test for trend†p=0.047p=0.028p=0.025p=0.526