Table 2

Thromboembolic risk factors

AF, atrial fibrillation; EF, ejection fraction.
Aortic prosthesis with no other risk factor21 (26%)
Aortic prosthesis plus one risk factor10 (12%)
    Previous thromboembolism1
    Björk-Shiley valve6
    Recent thrombosis or embolus1
Aortic prosthesis plus two risk factors10 (12%)
    AF and previous thromboembolism3
    AF and hypercoagulable condition1
    AF and Björk-Shiley valve5
    AF and Starr-Edwards valve1
Aortic prosthesis plus three risk factors2 (2%)
    AF, previous thromboembolism, and EF <30%1
    AF, Björk-Shiley valve, and previous thromboembolism1
Mitral prosthesis with no other risk factor6 (7%)
Mitral prosthesis plus one risk factor13 (16%)
    Thrombotic event when previously not taking treatment1
    Recent thrombosis or embolus1
Mitral prosthesis plus two risk factors14 (17%)
    AF and previous thromboembolism6
    AF and EF <30%1
    AF and Björk-Shiley valve5
    Björk-Shiley valve and previous thromboembolism1
    Björk-Shiley valve and EF <30%1
Mitral prosthesis plus three risk factors6 (7%)
    AF, EF <30%, and previous thromboembolism2
    AF, hypercoagulable condition and previous thromboembolism1
    AF, Björk-Shiley valve, and previous thromboembolism3