Table 3

Specific reason for interrupting acenocumarol in each patient

Invasive procedures (n=74)
    Cardiac surgery (n=26)
        Mitral valve replacement2
        Mitral and tricuspid valve replacement1
        Aortic valve replacement1
        Aortic coarctation repair1
        Pacemaker implantation20
        Coronary surgery1
    Cardiac catheterisation (n=15)
    Abdominal and general surgery (n=7)
        Umbilical hernioplasty1
        Repair of anal fistula2
    Vascular and thoracic surgery (n=6)
        Repair of femoral pseudoaneurysm1
        Tracheal surgery1
    Endoscopic procedures (n=4)
        Gastric biopsy1
    Urological surgery (n=3)
        Transurethral prostatic resection1
        Transurethral resection of vesical tumour1
        Suprapubic prostatectomy1
    Orthopaedic surgery (n=2)
        Osteosynthesis for trauma2
    Plastic surgery (n=1)
    Others (n=10)
        Hepatic biopsy1
        Testicular biopsy1
        Subclavian catheterisation4
        Aspiration puncture1
Haemorrhagic complications (n=8)
    Retroperitoneal bleeding1
    Gastrointestinal tract bleeding5
    Urinary tract bleeding1
    Intracranial bleeding1