Table 2

Features of white coat hypertension

▸ Abnormal office blood pressure ≥140/90 mm Hg
▸ Normal daytime ABPM <135/85 mm Hg
Prevalence of white coat hypertension
▸ 15–30% general population
▸ 30% pregnancy
Risks from white coat hypertension
▸ Considerably less than sustained hypertension
▸ Probable small risk compared to normotensives
▸ Possibly a pre-hypertensive state?
▸ May not be an entirely innocent condition
Clinical implications
▸ Few clinical characteristics to assist diagnosis
▸ Must be considered in newly diagnosed hypertensives
▸ Should be considered before drug prescribing
▸ Must be placed in context of overall risk profile
▸ Reassurance for employment
▸ Reassurance for insurance and pension liability
▸ Common in the elderly and pregnancy
▸ Less drug prescribing
▸ Need for follow up and re-monitoring