Table 2

Variables independently associated with the plasma concentration of N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide

Variable included in multiple linear regression modelsRegression coefficient: all subjects (n=672)Regression coefficient: “normal” subjects¶ (n=130)
Values are regression coefficient estimates (SE). Dependent variable: log10[N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide] (pmol/l). Intercepts (SE) in model including all subjects and in model including only normal subjects were 0.020 (0.397) (NS) and 1.066 (0.441) (p = 0.02), respectively. Coding of dichotomous variables: 0, absence of condition; 1, presence of condition.
¶Definition of “normal”: no congestive heart failure, no ischaemic heart disease, no history of hypertension, no diabetes, no lung disease, no cardiovascular drug treatment, left ventricular ejection fraction ⩾60%, blood pressure < 140/90, and a normal ECG.
¶¶Dyspnoea classified according to WHO: grade 2, dyspnoea on vacuum cleaning or climbing one flight of stairs; grade 3, dyspnoea when walking on an even road; grade 4, dyspnoea on minimal exertion; grade 5, orthopnoea; grade 6, dyspnoea at rest.
¶¶¶Abnormal ECG: presence of arrhythmias, ST deviation, Q waves, hypertrophy, or abnormal left ventricular axis (according to the Minnesota code).
HbA1c, glycosylated haemoglobin; LV, left ventricular.
Sex (0=female; 1=male)−0.177 (0.031), p<0.0001−0.197 (0.061), p=0.002
Age (years)0.018 (0.002), p<0.00010.020 (0.003), p<0.0001
Dyspnoea¶¶0.045 (0.012), p=0.0001NS
Ankle oedemaNSNS
Ischaemic heart diseaseNS
Diabetes mellitus0.175 (0.068), p=0.01
Pulmonary diseaseNS
Valvar heart disease0.370 (0.119), p=0.002
Heart rate (beats/min)−0.005 (0.001), p<0.0001NS
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)NSNS
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)NS−0.012 (0.004), p=0.007
Pulse pressure (mm Hg)NSNS
LV ejection fraction ⩽45%0.207 (0.052), p<0.0001
Abnormal ECG¶¶¶0.180 (0.033), p<0.0001
log10[plasma creatinine] (μmol/l)0.262 (0.079), p=0.0009NS
log10[plasma HbA1c] (%)−0.473 (0.132), p=0.0004NS
log10[urine albumin] (%)0.085 (0.015), p<0.0001NS