Table 1

The historical emergence of guidelines for resuscitation showing progressive collaboration and uniformity

AHA, American Heart Association; CPR , cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ERC, European Resuscitation Council, ILCOR, International Liaison Committee On Resuscitation (see text for membership); NAS, National Academy of Science
1966First conference on CPR, NAS—recommended standardised training
1973/1974Published AHA guidelines first included CPR training for lay persons
1980sGrowth of guidelines for CPR in individual countries
1983Neonatal and paediatric guidelines published
1992Landmark agreement for guidelines published in Europe by the ERC
1992Formation of ILCOR
1997Advisory statement from ILCOR set first “universal” guidelines in place. Adopted at once by UK
1998ERC adopted and published ILCOR advice with minor modifications that reflected UK experience
2000First International Guidelines Conference; produced current wide ranging recommendations with extensive reference to evidence