Table 1

Aetiologies of calcific aortic stenosis, including primary valve disease and also diseases that cause secondary valve disease

▸ Congenital▸ HLA B27 valvulitis
▸ Degenerative▸ Alkaptonuria
▸ Rheumatic▸ Gaucher
▸ Endocarditis▸ Hyperparathyroidism
▸ Hyperuricaemia▸ Calciphylaxis
▸ Inflammatory: secondary to chronic infection▸ Fabry’s disease
▸ Drug induced
▸ Homozygous type II▸ Incontinentii pigmentii
▸ Hypercholesterolaemia▸ Paget’s disease
▸ Pseudoxanthoma elasticum▸ Cardiac valve tumours
▸ Carcinoid heart diseases