Table 2

Management of severe asymptomatic aortic stenosis (AS): current ACC/AHA guidelines

1. Symptomatic patients with severe ASI
2. Patients with severe AS before undergoing coronary artery bypass surgeryI
3. Patients with severe AS undergoing surgery on the aorta or other heart valvesI
4. Patients with moderate AS undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery or surgery on the aorta or other heart valvesIIa
5. Asymptomatic patients with severe AS and:
    ▸ left ventricular (LV) systolic dysfunctionIIa
    ▸ abnormal response to exercise (for example, hypotension)IIa
    ▸ ventricular tachycardiaIIb
    ▸ pronounced or excessive LV hypertrophy (⩾15 mm)IIb
    ▸ valve area <0.6 cm2IIb
6. Prevention of sudden death in asymptomatic patients with none of the findings listed under indication 5III