Table 2

Exercise performance variables at anaerobic threshold and during exercise after administration of pyridostigmine and placebo

All values expressed as mean (SEM).
AT, anaerobic threshold; HR, heart rate; MAP, mean arterial pressure; RER, respiratory exchange ratio; V̇o2, oxygen consumption.
HR at AT (beats/min)103 (5)104 (4)
HR at peak exercise (beats/min)129 (5)129 (5)
o2 at AT (ml/kg/min)12.2 (1.1)11.6 (1.1)
o2 at peak exercise (ml/kg/min)17.7 (1.5)17.4 (1.5)
RER at peak exercise1.05 (0.01)1.04 (0.02)
Exercise V̇E–V̇co2 slope34.2 (1.8)33.7 (1.6)
V̇E–V̇co2 slope at AT38.8 (1.8)37.6 (2.0)
MAP at peak exercise (mm Hg)98 (2)100 (2)