Table 1

Details of patients undergoing coarctation stent redilation

PatientAge at stentAge at first redilatationDiagnosisPrevious surgeryPrevious intervention
AAo, ascending aorta; AMVL, anterior mitral valve leaflet; AS, aortic stenosis; BD, balloon dilatation; COA, coarctation of the aorta; E/E, resection and end to end anastomosis; SCFlap, subclavian flap aortoplasty; supra AS, supravalve aortic stenosis.
1 5.7 7.6Native COA, ASNoneNone
2 9.810.7Native COA, supra ASNoneNone
345.146.8Native COANoneNone
425.728.0Native COA, aneurysm AAoNoneNone
565.166.0Native COANoneNone
614.714.9Native COANoneNone
716.416.9Native COA, cleft AMVLNoneNone
814.116.9ReCOASCFlap, Dacron patch, ConduitBDx1
1015.516.5ReCOADacron patchNone
11 7.7 8.9ReCOASCFlapBDx2
1223.924.8ReCOADacron patchBDx1