Table 2

Procedural results

CAG guided
group (n=54)
IVUS guided
group (n=54)
p Value
*Residual stenosis of 35% or less by QCA in the absence of emergency CABG, closure of a major side branch, or flow limiting dissection.
CVA, cerebrovascular accident; MUSIC, multicenter ultrasound stenting in coronaries.
Procedure type (%)NS
    No intervention26
    Plain old balloon angioplasty137
Operator time, gloves on to gloves off (minutes)100 (37)113 (38)NS
Success rate (%)*9892NS
MUSIC criteria reached (%)1664<0.01
Final balloon size (mm)3.5 (0.5)3.9 (0.5)<0.05
Inflation pressure (atm)11 (2)13 (3)<0.05
Number of balloons used1.6 (0.9)1.9 (1.0)NS
Number of stents used1.2 (0.8)1.4 (0.9)NS
Acute gain by IVUS (mm)1.3 (0.8)1.6 (0.8)<0.05
Relative acute gain by IVUS (mm)0.3 (0.2)0.5 (0.2)<0.05
Death, Q wave MI, CVA, bleeding at puncture site requiring transfusion, or subacute stent thrombosis (%)00NS
Femoral aneurysm (%)22NS
Emergency CABG (%)02NS
Use of abciximab (%)64NS