Table 3

Coarctation: comparison of data before and after stent implantation and redilation

Median values and ranges are given for each measurement. Data are compared with those in the preceding column. The number of measurements included in the comparison and the statistical significance of changes are indicated.
Diameter/DAo, ratio of coarctation lumen diameter indexed to the diameter of the descending aorta at the diaphragm.
Lumen diameter (mm)5.7 (3.0– 8.0)10.7 (7.0–13.3)9.2 (6.3–11.1)11.7 (9.8–14.1)
n=12; p=0.002n=12; p=0.008n=12; p=0.002
Gradient (mm Hg)27 (13–75)4.5 (0–20)10.5 (0–20)0.5 (0–15)
n=12; p=0.002n=12; p=0.15n=12; p=0.008
Diameter/DAo0.49 (0.28–0.63)0.81 (0.51–1.01)0.66 (0.38–1.02)0.85 (0.52–1.20)
n=12; p=0.002n=12; p=0.01n=12; p=0.005