Table 5

Cost of individual activities according to the activity based costing system in Danish, US, and European currencies

Corresponding costs in US dollars and euros were calculated from currency exchange rates of March 2002. Nuanced costs were calculated by summing up individual relevant activities.
PCI procedure44188.075260.56028.40
CAG procedure4891.76581.67667.21
Admission to cardiology department2843.97338.17387.90
Basic bed-day, cardiology department1794.48213.38244.76
Discharge from cardiology department1204.22143.19164.25
Outpatient visit to cardiology department756.4889.95103.18
CABG procedure39354.374679.535367.70
Admission to thoracic surgery department2813.31334.52383.72
Basic bed-day, thoracic surgery department1671.42198.74227.97
Discharge from thoracic surgery department217.9725.9229.73
Admission to intensive care, thoracic surgery or cardiology department523.2262.2171.36
Basic bed-day, intensive care, thoracic surgery or cardiology department12908.361 534.901760.62
Discharge from intensive care, thoracic surgery or cardiology department217.9725.9229.65
Myocardial perfusion imaging3400.00404.29463.74