Table 4

Standard versus Silzone: summary of major thromboembolic events

INRAge, sexValve type, position, sizeDays after operationDescription of event/confirmatory testsComments
AVR, aortic valve replacement; F, female; INR, international normalised ratio (range of INR before the event); M, male; MVR, mitral valve replacement;
ST, St Jude standard valve; SZ, St Jude Silzone valve;TOE, transoesophageal echocardiogram.
1.3–1.570, MSZ AVR, 214Amnesia, hemianopia; parieto-occipital ischaemic stroke/brain CTHeparin infusions; minimal improvement
2.3–3.062, FSZ AVR 19 + SZ MVR, 2722Right sided hemiparesis (ischaemic stroke)/brain CTHeparin infusions; some improvement
2.6–3.853, FSZ MVR, 2944Ataxia; cerebellar ischaemic stroke/brain CT; thrombus on MVR at TOEReoperated on 03/08/98; asymptomatic since
1.9–2.270, FSZ MVR, 2758Right sided hemiparesis (ischaemic stroke)/brain CT and MRI; thrombus on MVR at TOELepirudin; resolution of thrombus, marked improvement
2.8–3.248, FSZ MVR, 2970Right sided hemiplegia and dysphasia (ischaemic stroke)/brain CTHeparin; some improvement
3.0–3.848, FSZ MVR, 2977Right sided hemiplegia (ischaemic stroke)/brain CTHeparin; some improvement
3.1–3.844, FSZ MVR, 2980Embolism to the right femoral artery/Doppler of femoral arteryHeparin; marked improvement
2.5–3.047, FST MVR, 29497Acute worsening of pre-existing intermittent claudication/arteriography, surgical exploration.Congenital vascular abnormality of femoral artery
1.3–1.176, MST AVR, 21581Massive fatal stroke after warfarin discontinued because of bleeding post-prostate surgery
2.2–2.664, MST AVR 29 + ST MVR 29858Acute embolic stroke: weakness of the left leg, incompletely resolved after one month
2.271, FST AVR889Right sided hemiplegia (ischaemic stroke) proceeded with 2 transient ischaemic attacksReoperated on 15/02/98
1.0–5.471, FST AVR1669Ischaemic stroke
65, FST MVR 251972Right sided hemiplegia and dysphasia (ischaemic stroke)