Table 2

Image reversal and change in vector angle comparing depolarisation and repolarisation maps

Body surface map assessmentAcute myocardial infarction (%) (n=18)Not acute myocardial infarction (%) (n=38)p Value
*Number of electrode spaces from centre of QRS maxima to centre of ST-T minima or from centre of QRS minima to centre of ST-T maxima (whichever is the greater).
†Patients within normal limits scored 0°.
QRS, QRS isointegral; ST0, isopotential 0 ms after the J point; ST60, isopotential 60 ms after J point; ST-T, ST-T isointegral.
Image reversal
    Loss of mirror image reversal from QRS to ST-T12 (67%)11 (29%)0.007
    Mean (25th, 75th centiles) number of electrode spaces*1.8 (0.5, 2.0)0.9 (0, 1.5)0.011
Mean (SD) absolute change in vector angle outside normal range (180±15°)†
    From QRS to ST-T11 (15)6 (12)NS
    From QRS to ST027 (37)21 (34)NS
    From QRS to ST6019 (18)9 (16)0.038
Loss of QRS-ST-T image reversal and QRS-ST60 vector change outside 180±15°11 (61%)7 (18%)0.001