Table 3

 Study design and use of reperfusion strategies in studies with interhospital or direct transport of patients to PTCA centre

Use of rescue PTCA: in DANAMI-2 study 1.9%, CAPTIM study 26%, PRAGUE-2 study 6.4%. Any PTCA at 30 days: in DANAMI-2 study 16.5%, CAPTIM study 70.4%.
PRAGUE-2ST ↑ AMI <12 hIn community hospital without PTCA facility to:StreptokinaseStents used in 63%
Thrombolysis or direct PTCA
provided start interhospital transport
possible within 30 mins and distance <120 km
DANAMI-2ST ↑ AMI <12 hIn community hospitalor PTCA centre to:Accelerated (acc) t-PAStents used in 81%
Thrombolysis or direct PTCAGlycoprotein IIb/IIIA blocker in 39%
if admitted in community hospital:
provided transport to PTCA centre completed within 3 hours
CAPTIMST ↑ AMI <6 hOn site to:Pre-hospital acc t-PAStents used in 81%
thrombolysis or direct PTCA + transport to PTCA centre, provided transport duration <1 hourWith rescue PTCA strategyGlycoprotein IIb/IIIA blocker in 39%