Table 6

 Multivariate predictors of five day mortality and in-hospital mortality

Five day mortalityIn-hospital mortality
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
*116 mm Hg corresponds to the limit of the first quartile of systolic blood pressure; †90 beats/min corresponds to the limit of the fourth quartile of admission heart rate.
CI, confidence interval; NA, not applicable; OR, odds ratio.
Age ⩾70 years3.572.13 to 5.990.00013.642.36 to 3.210.0001
Admission systolic arterial pressure <116 mm Hg*2.561.69 to 3.880.00012.491.73 to 3.570.0001
Killip class (v class I)0.00010.0001
    II or III2.021.28 to to 3.30
    IV12.906.58 to 25.3111.846.12 to 22.92
Anterior MI1.671.12 to 2.490.0121.521.08 to 2.140.018
Admission heart rate >90 beats/min†1.691.11 to 2.590.0151.761.22 to 12.540.002
Previous stroke2.111.10 to 4.050.0251.861.04 to 3.330.036
STEMI2.051.06 to 3.950.0331.931.13 to 3.300.016
Hyperlipidaemia0.630.41 to 0.970.034NANANA
Current smoking0.520.27 to 0.980.0440.580.34 to 0.980.042
Diabetes mellitusNANANA1.471.01 to 2.130.043