Table 2

Properties of cardiac marker proteins

ProteinMolecular mass (kD)First detection*Duration of detectionSensitivitySpecificity
*Hours after symptom onset. CK, creatine kinase; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase.
Fatty acid binding protein121.5–2 hours8–12 hours+++++
Myoglobin161.5–2 hours8–12 hours++++
CK-MB832–3 hours1–2 days++++++
Troponin I333–4 hours7–10 days++++++++
Troponin T383–4 hours7–14 days++++++++
CK964–6 hours2–3 days++++
Aspartate transaminase~1036–10 hours3–5 days+++
LDH1356–10 hours5–7 days+++