Table 3

 Laboratory tests during pregnancy

FBC, full blood count; HELLP, haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets; LFT, liver function test; U&E, urea and electrolytes.
• Urinalysis: If >1+ proteinuria on dipstick arrange for 24 hour collection to quantify proteinuria
• Pre-eclampsia (“PET”) bloods:
‐ FBC: thrombocytopenia &/or haemoconcentration suggest severe pre-eclampsia
‐ U&Es: urea and creatinine are reduced in uncomplicated pregnancy, “normal” values may indicate renal impairment
‐ LFTs: transaminase concentrations increase in the HELLP syndrome (a variant of pre-eclampsia)
‐ Urate: levels are gestation related but rise in pre-eclampsia, largely due to reduced renal excretion
‐ Clotting screen: when the platelet count <100×109/l
‐ Blood film: microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia may occur in severe pre-eclampsia