Table 4

Multiple logistic regression analysis of the effect of the ecNOS gene polymorphism on ACS

Odds ratio95% CIp Value
*Total cholesterol > 6.15 mmol/l; †odds ratio to B/B+non-G/G genotype.
CI, confidence interval.
Smoking2.7811.458 to 5.305<0.05
Diabetes mellitus2.6511.335 to 5.262<0.05
Sex (male/female)2.2151.130 to 4.431<0.05
Hypercholesterolaemia*1.7851.051 to 3.032<0.05
Age1.4801.118 to 1.960<0.05
Hypertension1.1160.687 to 1.979NS
non-B/B0.4890.257 to 0.928<0.05
non-B/B+G/G†0.3400.140 to 0.827<0.05