Table 1

1995 and 2000 costs for atrial fibrillation in the UK

Cost component19952000
OPD, outpatient department.
£1  =  ~€1.4.
General practitioner consultations
    Clinic visit£15£22
    Domiciliary visit£52£59
General practitioner referred OPD consultations
    Cardiology review£108£120
Anticoagulation visits
    Clinic visit£16£19
    International normalised ratio check£5£7
Hospital costs (per diem)
    Geriatric unit£113£127
    General medical unit£192£220
    Intensive care unit£1114£1385
Post-discharge OPD consultations
    Cardiology review£108£120
    General medical review£75£84
Post-discharge nursing home care
    Residential care (per week)£272£332