Table 1

Clinical and conventional echocardiographic data in two neonate groups

Day 0 group (n = 130)Day 1–7 group (n = 135)p Value
Values are mean (SD).
A, peak atrial flow velocity; E, peak early diastolic flow velocity; LV, left ventricle; NS, not significant.
Age (after birth)10.2 (7.2) hours3.9 (2.0) days
Gestational age (weeks)39.7 (1.1)39.5 (1.6)NS
Heart rate (beats/min)125 (10)125 (8)NS
Weight (g)3055 (321)2947 (330)<0.01
LV diastolic dimension (mm)17.5 (1.7)17.2 (1.6)NS
Shortening fraction of LV0.31 (0.06)0.31 (0.05)NS
Transtricuspid E (cm/s)38.2 (6.9)37.9 (7.1)NS
Transtricuspid A (cm/s)49.2 (8.4)48.9 (7.5)NS
Transtricuspid A:E1.31 (0.23)1.32 (0.25)NS
Transmitral E (cm/s)56.2 (10.3)52.1 (9.5)<0.001
Transmitral A (cm/s)50.0 (7.6)48.2 (8.0)NS
Transmitral A:E0.91 (0.17)0.95 (0.20)NS