Table 3

Baseline characteristics in normal participants and in patients with systolic heart failure

Normal (n = 623)Systolic heart failure* (n = 49)p Value†
*Defined as symptoms of heart failure and LVEF of ⩽50%.
†p Value for differences between mean values in patients with and without systolic heart failure.
‡Geometric mean concentrations.
Male sex42%55%NS
Median (range) age (years)67.1 (51.2–91.3)76.3 (51.8–88.7)<0.0001
Mean (SD) heart rate(beats/min)75.2 (13.1)77.7 (16.3)NS
Mean (SD) systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)143 (22.9)146 (27.0)NS
Mean (SD) diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)86.7 (12.0)84.7 (14.7)NS
Median (range) LVEF (%)60 (15–60)40 (10–50)<0.0001
Mean (95% CI) NT-proBNP (pmol/l)‡32.7 (30.1 to 35.5)112(73.1 to 170)<0.0001