Table 4

Predictors of procedural complications and residual shunt

RR95% CIp Value
CI, confidence interval; PFO, patent foramen ovale; RR, relative risk.
Predictors of procedural complications
PFO STAR device8.81.1 to 74.40.04
>1 placement attempt8.51.3 to 55.80.03
Predictors of significant residual shunt
PFO STAR device8.41.8 to 40.10.01
5 mm disc connector with STAR device6.11.1 to 34.00.04
Postprocedural shunt at day 11.91.1 to 3.50.04
Device size ⩾30 mm2.90.9 to 9.7NS
Atrial septal aneurysm2.30.7 to 7.3NS
Severe shunt at baseline2.00.5 to 8.7NS