Table 1

Incidence of abnormal values for physiological dead space ventilation V̇D and V̇E versus V̇co2 slope. Associated haemodynamic lesions in patients with surgical repair of cyanotic congenital heart disease are also shown

DiagnosisIncidenceAssociated lesions
Normal V̇DNormal slope V̇E v V̇co2Abnormal V̇DAbnormal slope V̇E v V̇co2Abnormal V̇DNormal V̇D
Abnormal values are defined as values which exceeded the 95% confidence limits of the normal mean value. The incidence of subnormal values was significantly higher in all patient groups (χ2: p<0.0001) compared to normal controls.
AV valve insuf, atrioventricular insufficiency; PR, pulmonary regurgitation; PS, pulmonary stenosis; RV dil, right ventricular dilatation; slope V̇Evco2, slope of ventilation versus carbon dioxide output; TI, tricuspid incompetence; V̇D, physiological dead space ventilation.
TF (n = 34)18 (53%)23 (68%)16 (47%)11 (32%)PR 10/16 (62%)*PR 5/18 (28%)
PS 8/16 (50%)*PS 3/18 (17%)
TGA (n = 23)8 (35%)8 (39%)15 (65%)14 (61%)RV dil+TI 5/15 (33%)*RV dil+TI 1/18 (12%)
Fontan (n = 13)5 (38%)5 (38%)8 (62%)8 (62%)AV valve insuf 8/13 (61%)*AV valve insuf 1/5 (20%)