Table 2

Effects of aspirin on daily life ischaemia in patients with angina

Ischaemic episodes on 48 hour Holter monitoringp Value†
Baseline* (n = 40)Placebo (n = 40)ASA (n = 40)
Values are median (interquartile range) or mean (SD) unless stated.
*NS for all baseline v placebo comparisons.
†Values refer to ASA v placebo comparisons.
‡Max ST depression, maximum ST depression 60 ms after the J point, lasting >1 min.
ASA, aspirin; HR, heart rate.
Total number314339251<0.01
Median number/patient8 (4–12)7 (3–11)5 (1.3–8.8)<0.01
Total duration (min)167817651305<0.01
Median duration/patient (min)32 (15–60)29 (11–55)17 (6.4–38)<0.01
Max ST depression (mV)‡0.14 (0.12–0.20)0.13 (0.12–0.17)0.16 (0.14–0.21)<0.01
Mean HR at onset (beats/min)84 (17)83 (16)89 (16)<0.05