Table 14

UK National External Quality Assessment Service between laboratory comparisons34; lowest concentrations at which between laboratory coefficients of variation are ⩽10%

AssayConcentration (ng/ml)
Note that many manufacturers are changing and improving their assay methods.
NA, not available.
NB: CV data on the Abbott AxSYM, Vitros Eci, and Tosoh AIA systems are derived from <10 data points.
    Abbott AxSYM4.4
    Bayer Immuno 1NA
    Bayer Advia Centaur1
    Beckman Coulter AccuTnI0.65
    Dade Dimension1.75
    Dade Stratus1.25
    DPC ImmuliteNA
    DPC Immulite 20002.75
    Ortho CD Vitros ECi2.0
    Tosoh Bioscience AIA7.5
    Roche Elecsys 10100.25
    Roche Elecsys 20100.33