Table 1

Patient characteristics and results from the 10 study patients, all of whom had cavity obliteration on cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR)

PatientAge (years)SexReason for ECGDepth of T wave inversion (mm)Maximum apical thickness by CMR (mm)Average apical basal ratio by CMREchocardiography report
F, female; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; M, male.
148MFamily history of IHD11271.8Normal
251MRoutine medical examination12161.4Trabeculated apex
364FPalpitations, chest pain17283.2Akinetic apex
456MChest pain6151.4Normal
557MFamily history of abnormal ECG4162.0Normal
656MRoutine medical examination11202.5Normal
759MRoutine medical examination10162.5Normal
854MRoutine medical examination5171.7Normal
959FPalpitations6243.2Poor views, normal
1052mRoutine medical examination11171.9Normal