Table 1

 Median CRP concentrations after placebo and dexamethasone treatment in all subjects and in subjects grouped according to baseline CRP concentration

CRP concentration following placebo (mg/l)CRP concentration following dexamethasone (mg/l)% Change in CRP concentration95% CI for change in CRP concentration (mg/l)p Value
CI, confidence interval; CRP, C reactive protein
All subjects (n = 18)0.830.16−80%−0.18 to −1.370.001
By basal CRP
    High (n = 6)2.270.45−80%−1.13 to −4.200.036
    Medium (n = 6)0.740.27−63%−0.170 to −0.770.036
    Low (n = 6)0.120.120%−0.045 to 0.055NS