Table 2

 Lipid regulating effects of statin/other drug combination treatment compared with statin monotherapy. Data show mean differences calculated from published studies19

Dyslipidaemia phenotypeStatin (mg/day)Other drug (mg/day)Δ Combination v statin
A, atorvastatin; B, bezafibrate; F, fluvastatin; f, fenofibrate; G, gemfibrozil; L, lovastatin; NA, nicotinic acid; P, pravastatin; S, simvastatin.
Hypercholesterolaemiap 40, L 20–80NA 1200–3000−13%+9%−15%
P, F 40G 1200, B 400−8%+9.5%−27%
Hypertriglyceridaemiap 20, A, S,NA 1000–3000−9.5%+26%−25.5%
F 5–80
Mixed hyperlipidaemiap 20, S 10–20G 1200, B 400, f 300+4%+8%−34.5%