Table 1

 Comparison of clinical characteristics and outcomes of amiodarone treated patients and control patients

Amiodarone treated patients (group A)Control patients (group B)p Value
AF, atrial fibrillation; DM, diabetes mellitus; EF, ejection fraction; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; K+, potassium; LAD, left atrial dimension; LVEDD, left ventricular end diastolic dimension; LVESD, left ventricular end systolic dimension; NS, not significant; sinus rhythm, sinus rhythm.
Data are expressed as mean (SD).
Number of patients1718NS
Age (years)61.2 (12.3)61.6 (7.6)NS
Mean duration of documented AF (months)7.2 (4.2)10.2 (6.0)NS
Weight (kg)85.4 (8)85.4 (12.5)NS
Number of patients with ⩾1 previous DEC42NS
Serum K+ pre-cardioversion (mmol/l)4.6 (0.5)4.4 (0.5)NS
Number of patients with risk factors for AF
Number of patients taking rate controlling agents16/17 (94.1%)17/18 (94.4%)NS
    β Blockers8/179/18NS
    Rate controlling calcium antagonist1/173/17NS
EF50.2 (13.5%)51 (13.0%)NS
LAD (cm)4.4 (0.6)4.1 (0.8)NS
LVEDD (cm)4.8 (0.4)4.6 (0.5)NS
LVESD (cm)3.4 (0.5)3.4 (0.7)NS
Ventricular rate pre-cardioversion (bpm)90.8 (14.7)88.1 (18.0)NS
Total shock energy used for cardioversion (J)454 (331)620 (498)NS
Number of shocks utilised1.7 (0.9)2.2 (1.4)NS
Initial success rate for cardioversion17/17 (100%)17/18 (94%)NS
SR rate at 6 weeks15/17 (88%)3/18 (16.7%)<0.0001
SR rate at 6 months11/17 (65%)3/18 (16.7%)0.0016
At 16 months follow up8/17 (47.1%)3/18 (16.7%)0.075