Table 2

 Clinical outcomes in patients with ACS stratified by fasting glucose concentrations

Fasting glucose <100 mg/dl or 5.6 mmol/lFasting glucose 100–126 mg/dl, or 5.6–7.0 mmol/lFasting glucose 110–126 mg/dl, or 6.1–7.0 mmol/lDiabetic patientsp Value
n = 579n = 407n = 192n = 777
*MACE includes death, reinfarction, stroke, cardiogenic shock, pulmonary oedema, cardiac arrest, and atrial dysrythmia; †odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals; ‡the c index for the model was 0.726, suggesting good model discrimination, and the Hosmer-Lemeshow test statistic was 0.45, suggesting adequate model calibration and goodness of fit; p values are for comparison across all four groups.
Cardiogenic shock0.52%1.47%2.60%7.86%<0.001
Pulmonary oedema2.21%3.53%3.36%10.8%<0.001
Cardiac arrest0.69%1.97%2.60%5.68%<0.001
Atrial fibrillation/flutter4.8%7.1510.4%8.5%0.022
Multivariate risk adjusted effect of fasting blood glucose concentrations on clinical outcome†‡
Fasting glucose 100–126 mg/dl or 5.6–7.0 mmol/L1.66 (1.05 to 2.61)p = 0.028
Fasting glucose 110–126 mg/dl or 6.1–7.0 mmol/L2.10 (1.19 to 3.41)p = 0.008
Diabetic patients3.00 (2.05 to 4.39)p<0.001