Table 6

 Examples of sensitivity and specificity of various cut off values for predicting cardiac death within eight years from each measurement

ParameterCut off valueSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Area under ROC curve
ROC, receiver operating characteristic.
QTcmax (ms)
    3 years47090570.80
    3 years4807970
    3 years4905875
    6 years48092590.84
QTc, 6 years (ms)51083850.70
ABPI ratio, 3 years1.167150
RR ratio
    6 years1.1383530.72
    6 years1.1967750.79
QTcmax (ms) and ABPI ratio, 3 years495/1.1873630.90
QTcmax (ms) and RR ratio, 6 years503/1.058375