Table 2

 Comparison of baseline left ventricular echocardiographic indexes between patient and control groups

VariablePatients (n = 31)Controls (n = 20)p Value
EF, ejection fraction; FS, fractional shortening; HR, heart rate; LVPWS, left ventricular posterior wall thickness at systole; LVSD, left ventricular systolic dimension; VCFc, rate corrected velocity of circumferential fibre shortening.
*Significant difference.
HR (beats/min)81(14)78(13)0.46
FS (%)0.33(0.05)0.41(0.05)<0.001*
EF (%)0.70(0.06)0.80(0.06)<0.001*
VCFc (circ/s)0.97(0.18)1.23(0.21)<0.001*
LVSD (cm)2.43(0.48)2.47(0.36)0.74
LVPWS (cm)1.28(0.29)1.11(0.17)0.01*