Table 1

 Odds ratios for myocardial infarction associated with symptoms of respiratory infection starting in the preceding month

SymptomCases (n = 119)Controls (n = 214)Unadjusted analysis*Adjusted analysis†p Value
OR95% CIOR95% CI
*Except for the matching factors (age, sex, social class, calendar period).
†For the primary definition of infection: adjusted for history of angina and smoking status in addition to the matching factors; for chest pain on breathing and fever: adjusted for each other in addition to history of angina, smoking, and the matching factors.
CI, confidence interval; NA, not applicable; OR, odds ratio.
Primary definition
    No98 (82%)182 (85%)1NA1NA
    Yes21 (18%)32 (15%)1.00.6 to to 1.90.98
Chest pain on breathing
    No98 (82%)211 (99%)1NA1NA
    Yes21 (18%)3 (1%)17.84.1 to to 85.6<0.0001
    No96 (81%)205 (96%)1NA1NA
    Yes23 (19%)9 (4%)4.11.9 to to 16.80.0004