Table 3

 Reasons for referral by primary care physicians and cardiologists

Possible diagnosis/questionProportion
The preoperative patient group had either symptoms or a history of cardiac disease.
Referral to outpatient cardiology clinic by primary care physician (300 patients)
    LV dysfunction31%
    Preoperative cardiac evaluation15%
    Rhythm abnormalities14%
    Cardiac source of embolism8%
    Family history7%
    LV hypertrophy5%
    Murmur evaluation5%
    Dyspnoea, fatigue, dizziness4%
    Congenital abnormality4%
Referral to the echocardiographic laboratory by the cardiologist (203 patients)
    LV dysfunction59%
    Valve evaluation27%
    LV hypertrophy11%
    Congenital abnormality7%
    Mitral valve prolapse4%
    Prosthetic valve evaluation2%
    RV dysfunction1.5%