Table 2

 Operative data

Variablen (%) or mean (SD)
CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; OM, obtuse marginal artery; PL, posterolateral branch of the circumflex artery; RIMA, right internal mammary artery.
Cardiopulmonary bypass time (min)94 (18)
Aortic cross clamping time (min)68 (12)
Off-pump CABG118 (21.4%)
    RIMA grafted to OM71 (13%)
    RIMA grafted to PL47 (8.5%)
Number of distal anastomoses/patient3.1 (0.5)
Coronary artery endarterectomy44 (8%)
Sequential anastomoses46 (8.3%)
    With in situ RIMA7 (1.3%)
Left internal mammary artery552 (100%)
RIMA552 (100%)
    Grafted to OM320 (58%)
    Grafted to PL232 (42%)
        Both circumflex branches had almost identical perfusion areas28 (12%)
Retrocaval RIMA routing322 (58.4%)
Radial artery110 (20%)
    Grafted to right coronary artery69 (62.7%)
    Grafted to one of the marginal branches41 (37.3%)
Arterial grafts/patient2.2 (0.3)
Total arterial myocardial revascularisation331 (60%)
Composite grafts
    Right Y graft87 (15.7%)
    Left Y graft138 (25%)
    Right T graft18 (3.3%)
    Inverted T graft4 (0.7%)
Composite anastomosis (Ω anastomosis)19 (3.5%)
Associated surgical procedures
    Aortic valve replacement25 (4.6%)
    Mitral valve repair22 (4%)
    Mitral valve replacement16 (2.9%)
    Carotid artery endarterectomy22 (4%)
    Cholecystectomy5 (0.9%)
Postoperative surgical procedures
    Revision for deep sternal wound infection6 (1.1%)
    Surgical revision for bleeding17 (3%)