Table 2

 Comparison of blood pressure and cholesterol measurements in the 2001 audit of patients attending practices who had and had not participated in the General Practice Audit Committee (GPAC) programme for review of secondary prevention in patients with coronary heart disease

Data are mean (SD) or number of patients (%); ND, not determined.
Total482 (55%)393 (45%)ND
Blood pressure control
    Most recent record (days)230 (299)278 (372)0.04
    Systolic (mm Hg)138 (18.5)141 (19.7)0.04
    Diastolic (mm Hg)77.7 (10.3)77.8 (10.0)0.87
Cholesterol treatment
    Most recent record (days)389 (753)479 (618)0.08
    Concentration (mmol/l)4.75 (0.86)4.93 (0.95)0.003