Table 1

 Costs associated with observed resource use

Resource use per patientUnit cost (€)Cost (€)
Sirolimus stent (n = 120)Bare stent (n = 118)Sirolimus stent (n = 120)Bare stent (n = 118)Difference
CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; CCU, coronary care unit; ICU, intensive care unit; IVUS, intravascular ultrasound; PTCA, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty.
Index procedure
    Procedure time (min)70.870.618128812853
    Study stent1.031.022000/67220506831367
    Other stent type0.020.037121224−12
    Guiding catheter1.101.07981071043
    IVUS catheter0.230.29614143177−34
    Contrast medium192.08200.18198102−4
    Procedure related medication6763−4
    CCU stay (days)0.300.2696328925237
    ICU stay (days)0.290.2910583073052
    Non-CCU/ICU stay (days)2.122.24343727768−41
Total procedure costs 5872 4588 1284
Follow up
    Repeat revascularisation
        Repeat PTCA (target and non-target)0.030.31107908−800
        CABG (target and non-target)0.010.01744862126−64
    Coronary angiography
        Non-scheduled angiographies0.080.102160180220−40
        Protocol angiographies0.900.74216019441592351
    Vascular surgery0.010.0243413674−37
    Emergency room visit0.150.1244751
    Observation unit <24 h after admission0.020.20193339−36
    Outpatient rehabilitation0.080.182324−2
    CCU stay (days)0.170.64963161612−452
    ICU stay (days)0.140.11105815111735
    Non-CCU/ICU stay (days)2.152.50343737858−121
Total follow up costs 3473 4683 −1210
Total direct medical cost (excluding medication) 9345 9271 74
Total direct medical cost (including medication) 9969 9915 54